About Us

YouHear is a South Australian, family owned business evolved from our partners Adelaide Earmoulds and www.hearingaidaccessories.com.au. Our mission is to treat our clients the way we expect to be treated ourselves by offering the best possible service and competitive prices on a broad range of products. YouHear plans to change the way hearing rehabilitation is done in Australia with some exciting things coming very soon.

We offer the latest technology in hearing aids, from all the hearing aid manufactures in Australia. Call or email us for a price.

The top question repeatedly asked, “Why is YouHear.com.au prices so low?” As a company, we aim to provide fair pricing and  great customer  service to a national audience who need our help. National wide hearing aid clinics set prices high knowing they only sell 12-20 hearing aids per month and are limited by territory. The main factor is our efficient model of selling quality hearing aids nationally literally helps people like you save thousands!

We only offer the latest technology at YouHear. Compared to older technology, today's state of the art hearing aids requires minimal service and adjustment over time. Years ago, the hearing aid user might visit a clinic for service 7-14 times per year. Today, clinical visits may only be once or twice per year. Furthermore, cleaning hearing aids only takes  a few minutes and is as simple as making a cup of tea; we provide our customers with the tools to do this themselves. We ask people, “Why would  you pay an extra $2500-6000 to make a couple of office visits per year?”

When you call YouHear you will be greeted by friendly helpful staff with over 20 years of experience in the hearing industry, not an endless phone tree.

Our goal at YouHear is to provide you with timely and accurate information, as well as prompt attention to your orders.


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