Noise Injury

Have you ever worked in a noisy job? 

Do you know anyone who has suffered hearing loss through noise exposure?

You are not alone and may be entitled to more than you think because the time to act is now.

It is as easy as contacting us for a hearing assessment on 08 8298 5566 or click here.


As an independent company YouHear, in conjunction with Turner Freeman Lawyers, are helping SA workers cut through the daunting task and red tape of claiming for a noise-induced work injury.  Where possible we will organise to have a noise injury specialist onsite at the time of our hearing test so you become fully informed of your entitlements based on the severity of your loss.

In most cases YouHear offer those with successful claims quality hearing aids for life, in addition to any entitled monetary compensation.

Turner Freeman Lawyers and YouHear can help establish a new claim or help with the management of an existing claim if:

You are currently working.

You are retired and have left work.

Your hearing aids are old or not working.

You have never received any form of compensation for your hearing loss.

You have tinnitus (constant ringing, buzzing or hissing in the ears)

You struggle to understand in background noise.


Contact us now for a free assessment and discussion.

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